Finch Garden Design

Classic gardens with contemporary twists and fabulous planting schemes

Design - Build - Plant
Welcome to Finch Garden Design. Jackie Finch has been designing gardens for over 25 years. Work is undertaken in both private and commercial gardens, throughout East Anglia, focusing on Norfolk and the North Norfolk coast.
“An interpreter of vague plans and barely articulated ideas, Jackie has the uncanny gift of revealing what a client wants, often before they know it themselves. Just as impressively she produces a schedule and budget and then sticks to it.”
Delaval Astley, Norfolk
Six years ago we asked Jackie to help us make sense of our building site and turn it into a garden. It needed a coherent design and some serious landscaping including changing levels, new paths and patios, a play area, walls, and planting from scratch. We enjoyed every moment of working with Jackie who delivered a perfect design and some stunning planting. Watching our garden mature has been an unexpected pleasure and it continues to look more lovely with every year.
Isabel Dupey, Kettlestone
We worked very closely with Jackie, as our garden is as important as the interior of the house and it was essential to have cohesion and complement the contemporary nature of the house. She came up with ideas we could never imagined. The sheltered courtyard needed a tropical feel, despite needing to sustain the elements, being right on the North Norfolk coast. The front garden is an incredible space, large with swathes of beautiful colours which move in the wind, areas of wildflowers, it is fantastic all year round and brings surprises every year. I loved working with Jackie, she is incredibly passionate about her work, she listened to what we wanted, did her designs and gave us far more than we expected. Working with Jackie was so easy, she is my friend now, maintains an ongoing interest and still visits the gardens often.
Lisa Broch, Bliss , Blakeney